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For Women, 20fb*1,5g

For Women, 20fb*1,5g

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Helps to normalize the functioning of the female body.
For Women
Ingredients: green tea, acacia flowers, hawthorn fruit, oregano, chamomile flowers, motherwort grass, knotweed (herbman) grass, horsetail grass, rose hips, elecampane roots.
Recommendations for use: add to the diet as a fortifying agent, which helps to normalize the functioning of the female body.
Way of preparation: 1 filter packet fill in with 200 ml of boiled water (85 ° С - 95 ° С), insist 5-7 minutes. Adults take 1 glass of warm phyto tea 2-3 times a day after meals for 30 days. If necessary, repeat the course.
Before using consulted with a doctor. Don’t exceed the recommended day's norm of consumption.
Warning at application: at an individual sensitiveness to the components of herbal tea; pregnant and women that nurse, child's age (to 12 years).
 It does not follow to use as replacement of valuable ration of feed.
Tasty tea-drinking and good health!
Terms of storage : keep in the dry place protected from light, at a temperature not higher 25°C  and relative humidity of air not more than 75%, in a childproof place.
Form of producing:   20 fg ; 
Term of fitness: 24 months from the date of making.
Food value, g /100 gs of product: squirrel - 0; fats - 0; carbohydrates - 0,3.
Power value (calorie content) kkal /to the 100g of product: 1,2 kkal / 5,024 kJ
Does not contain sugar.
Radiological control is assured. IT IS NOT MEDICINAL MEANS.

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